Start The Next Year With Next Gen!

Start The Next Year With Next Gen!

At Next Gen Business Solutions, our mission is to discover, create and implement the perfect solution to our client’s problems!

With a focus on small businesses and the heart behind them, we strive to provide flexible and custom-made solutions that fit your specific business’s needs. We spend the necessary time getting to know you, your story and your vision in order to help your business focus and grow!

With 2021 just beginning, now is the time to not only create new solutions, but to conquer last year’s setbacks! We understand that COVID-19 changed the small-business landscape drastically - causing business owners to pivot their strategies, cut back on their budgets/labour, and even relocate their offices entirely! Fortunately, many of these businesses were eligible for government funding, allowing them to stay afloat during these unprecedented times.

Throughout 2020, we have had numerous discussions with small businesses regarding smart budgeting, better document management and analysis, and how to prepare for their CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) audit. Now, in 2021, we want to ensure that you are ready for all the unprecedented changes and limitations that may be thrown at your business!

Although your 2020 goals may not have been reached, our goal at Next Gen Business Solutions is to make sure that your 2021 goals are here to stay!


How Can You Begin To Prepare Your Business For 2021

It’s time to look forward to 2021! The CRA has released new reporting requirements and every small business that utilizes government funding and subsidies must be aware of these new requirements moving forward.

Because of the necessary government funding that took place throughout this past year, The CRA has introduced new reporting requirements for the following:

  • T4 Slips
  •  Statements of Remuneration Paid 

This new documentation will apply to ALL employers, including small business owners, and will help the CRA validate payments under the:

Important Note: Eligibility criteria for the CERB, CEWS, and CESB is based on employment income for a defined period of time. The new requirement means that employers should report income and any retroactive payments made during these periods.

Next Gen Business Solutions is one step ahead of you!


How Can Next Gen Business Solutions Help You

In order to comply with these new CRA reporting requirements, it is imperative small businesses have a plan in place, as well as an easy to follow document management system. If your books are not up to date and you are behind on your paperwork, now is the best time to invest in professional accounting services from Next Gen Business Solutions!


Benefits Of Working With Next Gen Business Solutions

  • Qualify for and receive government funding and subsidies in 2021 to start the year off strong!
  • Get your small-business back on track with a plan!
  • Get caught up and ahead in your bookkeeping so that you can start the year off stress-free and ahead!

It’s easy to start the year off on the wrong foot when your books are out of date, unorganized and unreliable. That’s where Next Gen Business Solutions is able to step in - removing the stress and providing an easy plan to move forward with! We’ll provide you with a well-oiled system and workflow to your bookkeeping and reporting this year!


Our qualified bookkeepers will:

  • Organize your books (if needed)
  • Bring your bookkeeping up to date
  • Manage your bookkeeping on your behalf for the year
  • Provide you with regular reporting and financial statements that will allow you to make well-informed financial decisions throughout the year 
  • Provide you with an annual review
  •  Prepare your books for CRA auditing 


How do we prepare you for the unknown year ahead?

  • We create a workflow for you and your business (who, what, when, where).
  • We create and implement Processes and Automations, which will save you time and increase accuracy!
  • We provide your team with training on how to use and operate the processes and automations properly in order to avoid errors 
  • We re-evaluate the process on an annual basis to be sure that they are effective at helping you keep up with your business growth and allowing you to focus on your goals.

Are you ready to hit the ground running in 2021? Contact us at Next Gen Business Solutions , (416) 250-0148, or fill in the form below for a FREE 30 minute consultation with a qualified bookkeeper! We can’t wait to help you achieve and surpass your 2021 goals!